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By Greg Bell

A growing community needs public transport infrastructure. Whether it's bus lanes, rail lines or something else entirely, a solid transport network lets people get from A to B quickly, cheaply and efficiently. It forms part of the backbone of a successful business community, and any new developments will likely be welcomed with open arms by owners and leaseholders of commercial real estate here on the Gold Coast.

That's why the opportunity to get involved with a new light rail development is a great for locals to help shape the future of the Gold Coast and glimpse the future of our great area.

Cooperation and collaboration

In a November 30 media release, Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate announced three weeks of community consultation for the second stage of the Gold Coast light rail.

"This survey will provide a number of ideas with indicative maps and options for comment," he stated. "We want to know what the public's level of support is and which options they prefer."

There will be light rail routes in the southern and western areas of the Gold Coast, which Mr Tate wants people to provide feedback on, while also giving their preferences for the expansion of the public transport network. He wants the southern suburbs to connect with shopping precincts and the airport, which allows for ongoing growth.

"By connecting key commercial centres and residential areas it will create economic growth, jobs and opportunities."

Local retailers and people looking for an investment opportunity would do well to have their say and keep an eye on the outcome.

A boost for tourism

It's no secret that tourism is a fundamental part of what makes the gold Coast tick. The Gold Coast Tourism Industry Report from 2014 noted that across that year;

  • Hotel revenue went up by 9 per cent
  • International visits went up by 7 per cent
  • Business confidence specific to the Gold Coast remained at a strong high

These are healthy signals for our economy, and the ongoing light rail development should improve this further. As Mr Tate noted, connections between the Gold Coast Airport and Brisbane International Airport allow for greater inflows of both domestic and international tourists. It gives people a simple and fast way of getting from the shops to the beach to the hotel. No matter what kind of Surfers Paradise commercial property you work with, there's sure to be a benefit to you.

Over the next few weeks, Mr Tate will also be touring centres, giving locals the opportunity to speak to him in person about the light rail development. 

Expansion on an encompassing network

As noted above, this is stage two of the light rail project. Currently, the network extends across a number of popular centres in our area. This includes Southport, Griffith University, Gold Coast Hospital, Surfers Paradise, Florida Gardens, Broadbeach and Main Beach.

It gives people access to events like the Chinatown Street Markets, local theatre productions, the whole host of fine dining and nightlife options, huge shopping centres, wonderful beaches and more. 

Along the rail lines there is 248,000 square metres of office space, according to the City of Gold Coast. Hospitality, retail and business are the industries that dominate the commercial real estate in these areas.

If you want to get involved in the local business scene, expand your current company or look at potential investments, get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise. We excel when it comes to finding people commercial property on the Gold Coast to suit their vision.  

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