CBDRobina: A blueprint for commercial development

By Greg Bell

As the Gold Coast continues to grow and develop, the question on many lips is just how the region will expand from a commercial perspective. This expansion is certainly a necessity, with the creation of new jobs throughout the city, partially as a result of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in 2018. As well as this, population growth is expected to increase over the coming years, solidifying the Gold Coast's status as Australia's largest non-capital city. 

From a commercial perspective – be in industrial, retail or office – the ability to rent, buy or invest in property developments are critical. Without these, it simply won't be possible to accommodate all of the new workers coming into the region. So what's the solution?

Well, while some might think that creating entirely new commercial hubs isn't possible within a short time frame, CBDRobina has proven that it most certainly is. Let's take a closer look. 

Robina in focus

Before we can talk about the specifics of commercial development, it's important to note just how much of a landmark Robina is – not just on the Gold Coast, but across the whole country. This is due to its status as a 'planned suburb', created almost entirely from scratch on a patch of previously undeveloped swampland.

Work began on Robina in the 1980s, and at the time of the 1986 census, the population sat at just above 3,000 people. As of 2011, there are more than 20,000 people living and working in Robina, and because it's only located 20 minutes from the Gold Coast CBD, it's quickly become integrated into the social fabric of the region – with public transport routes and other supporting infrastructure. 

The growth of CBDRobina

Aside from residential projects, Robina has experienced a huge boom in the value of commercial property. Of course, the standout example is Robina Town Centre, an immense retail playground where residents can enjoy a wide range of different shopping and entertainment experiences. For any retailer, this sort of location is incredibly desirable, not just due to the high volumes of foot traffic, but also the reputation as a flagship mall. 

But what about office space? This type of property is just as important, and CBDRobina provides it in spades with new projects like The Rocket and The Base. These buildings offer a great combination of functionality and aesthetic design – fitting in perfectly with the greater style of the suburb and providing plenty of room for businesses. 

Mapping the blueprint to the region

So we know that Robina has been a great success in terms of how it's developments have worked both for residents and workers, but what can be taken from this example and applied to the Gold Coast as a whole? 

Well, perhaps the most important aspect of this blueprint is that new areas can be created. One of the issues that the Gold Coast faces is a lack of land, which has the dual effects of driving prices up and limiting the amount of space that can actually be developed. Robina proves that there are still options, and that with the right sorts of projects it is more than possible to completely renovate and refresh seemingly tired areas.

For another great example of this, look no further than Southport – the Gold Coast's commercial hub. Only a few years ago the area was struggling, but thanks to rezoning and new incentives to develop, it has regained its rightful place at the top of the city's desirability list. The only real question that remains is, which suburb will be next? 

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