Australian cities among the world’s most liveable

By Greg Bell

Between the climate, lifestyle and ever-improving economy, it's not difficult to see why commercial property investment in Surfers Paradise is a strong option for many people. A recent survey from Mercer has confirmed that Australia is an increasingly popular option for international businesses, ranking the majority of the country's cities among the most liveable in the world.

Multinational corporations are rapidly realising that Australia is a great option for employees and their families, which is great news for commercial property investors in Surfers Paradise. These types of surveys raise Australia's global profile and could attract more people, business and investment to its shores – a fantastic combination of elements for economic growth. 

Quality of life

The survey sheds some light on where international businesses are likely to send their employees for offshore assignments, based on a wide range of factors. Mercer collated information from 440 cities across the globe, ranking 230 of them to help companies remunerate their workers fairly when sending them offshore. Health, water sanitation, climate and ease of communication all came under question, as well as transport, infrastructure and political stability. 

The rankings show that Australian cities are faring well on the international stage. The Mercer Quality of Life survey for 2015 ranked most Australian capitals in the top 50 for living standards, with Sydney breaching the top 10, Melbourne at 16, followed by Perth at 22, Adelaide 27, Canberra and Brisbane on 30 and 37 respectively. 

This is promising for international investment opportunities and confirms that Australia could be a desirable location for many people. Mercer's global mobility practice leader for the Pacific region, Lorraine Jennings, said that the global workforce is becoming more and more agile. As a result, employers are looking for ways to cut costs while keeping their employees happy in their travels.

"As the glamorous overseas posting becomes a thing of the past, with perks like fully serviced accommodation and round the clock childcare disappearing, employers need to consider what kinds of benefits maximise the employee experience in an environment of cost containment and shift their mindset from time-based contracts to more strategic contracts with key employees," she said.

The top 10 was dominated by Western European nations, although Vienna and Zurich just pipped Auckland, New Zealand, at the post. Sydney was the only Australian city to crack into the top 10, but Ms Jennings noted that the presence of most of its major centres highlights that it is an appealing location for employees and their families. 

While only state capitals were included, the overall performance of Australian cities points to a bright future for commercial investment in Surfers Paradise. With populations moving freely all over the world, foreign business will likely play a larger role in the Australian economy – and Surfers Paradise could experience some of the benefits. 

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Prime investment location

The trade and investment branch of the Queensland government has already established a specialised framework for businesses that would like to live and work in the Sunshine State. Business and skilled migration Queensland facilitates this group with a number of visas, from business and skilled, investor retirement visas – all of which encourage business owners, investors and workers to make it their home. 

Among the benefits of investing in the state, Business and Skilled Migration Queensland notes that the state offers many business and careers opportunities, combined with exceptional working conditions and a stable economy. 

With Australian cities offering a great quality of life, and Surfers Paradise welcoming international business with open arms, why not get in touch with the commercial property experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise to purchase a slice of this idyllic locale.

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