Aim to grow ties with Singapore and Indonesia over coming months

By Greg Bell

Following the G20 Summit that was recently held in Queensland, Treasurer Tim Nicholls said the state would start working together with Singapore and Indonesia in the near future to begin opening up job and business opportunities for all three regions – with a particular emphasis on trade and investment missions. As the region continues to develop and grow, now could be a great time to consider investing in commercial real estate in Surfers Paradise

The G20 Summit is a collection of the globe's 20 major advanced and emerging economies, with members representing around 85 per cent of Earth's total GDP, two thirds of the worlds' population and around 80 per cent of global trade. It offers a chance for new opportunities to be forged, allowing for continued development and growth of worldwide communities. The summit to a number of great advances for Australia, which could offer significant economic benefits in the long run. 

Mr Nicholls said the G20 Summit had opened doors and allowed for new opportunities to be capitalised on, with a number of world leaders attending meetings to help steer the course of the future. Queensland business leaders stand to help push the nation forward in the future, with endless investment opportunities developing across the Sunshine State and further abroad.

"After meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro as well as Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam during the Summit, I'm keen to further our discussions and continue to develop Queensland's relationship with these important trading partners," said Mr Nicholls in a 18 November statement. 

"This mission will target important Indonesian and Singaporean markets for Queensland, including our state's world-class food and agribusiness, and education and training industries. Queensland's food and agriculture sector is valued at more than $14billion per year and is our state's second-biggest export earner, contributing more than $13billion to the state's economy." 

Making moves into any one of these industries over the coming months could help you to establish yourself in a prime position to take advantage of the growing economic missions being organised and started by the state government. 

More Chinese investment opportunities for Queensland

Furthermore, a new Free Trade Agreement signed between Australia and China aims to generate hugely positive effects for the Queensland economy – as well as the nation – over the coming years. As China's role in the world continues to develop and grow, the potential for continued support is immense. 

"Ten years of negotiations has paid off through the agreement, and the economic benefits, job creating opportunities and export prospects it opens for Queensland are endless. It's excellent news for Queensland's agribusiness and resources sectors, with our traditional exports to China set to benefit from the significant removal of tariffs over the next few years," said Mr Nicholls. 

Some of the changes include the removal of tariffs on the exportation of beef – which currently run between 12 and 25 per cent – over the next nine years, as well as the elimination of tariffs on horticultural products and seafood exports over the next four years. 

With the Chinese economy and population growing at significant speeds, the need for high quality food imports is essential, and Australia's agricultural markets are just the thing to fill the need. Now could be a great time to consider investment in the business side of these matters and begin looking towards a bright future. 

If you're interested in making these types of moves, get in touch with a real estate agent to begin investigating the commercial property options in Surfers Paradise and take control of your investment portfolio today. 

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