A strong first quarter for the Gold Coast – where can it improve?

By Greg Bell

Housing is a series of cycles: Boom and bust in the longer term, as well as minor fluctuations going up and down from month to month. Understanding these cycles is one of the keys to successful investment in commercial property for sale on the Gold Coast, as it gives you peace of mind on value growth, as well as intimate knowledge of how real estate is likely to perform.

Fortunately, those who already own such real estate in Surfers Paradise or beyond may have seen some excellent results in recent months, as the figures for the Gold Coast's first quarter of 2015 are released in detail.

Good times recorded across the board

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) regularly compiles data to report on the performance of property in various parts of the state, and the most recent release had good things to say about commercial property on the Gold Coast. 

Released on 9 June, the Queensland Market Monitor indicated that across the first quarter of 2015, both construction and tourism sectors experienced very healthy results in our corner of the state. This suggests that anyone undertaking retail leasing on the Gold Coast could have seen boosts to turnover and perhaps the value of their real estate as well. This is backed up in the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) Retail Trade numbers for May, which showcased a slight 0.4 per cent rise in Queensland.

Meanwhile, the construction boost, as always, offers more options for would-be investors to secure a new piece of commercial real estate – even more footholds in this gem of the Sunshine State. 

Greater supply on the way?

On a national scale, the Housing Industry Association and Australian Industry Group's Performance of Construction Index indicated a contraction in the amount of building going on nationwide. However, there were some areas that made positive shifts – including commercial real estate. 

The index showed that while still contracting, commercial construction in Australia edged ever closer towards positivity. Given the REIQ's statements on Gold Coast construction in the first quarter of this year, it could be determined that our area is helping to boost commercial construction. 

GDP shows strength for the wider economy

On top of these performance indicators, it seems the national economy has done well over the beginning of 2015 as well. The ABS noted that across the March quarter this year, national gross domestic product (GDP) went up by 0.9 per cent. Financial services were cited as one particular driver of growth, which could suggest that lending to those buying commercial property on the Gold Coast or elsewhere has been a positive factor for the Australian economy. 

Given these performance indicators, it seems to have been a solid start to the year for many in Australia – including those with commercial interests on the Gold Coast. Whether you seek to buy or lease commercial property, this part of Queensland offers a wide range of options that will receive a great deal of attention due to the area's high visitor numbers. 

While the REIQ identified the coming months as a potential time for activity to slow down across the board, it also noted that large infrastructure projects have been a fundamental part of growth statewide. Given the recent developments in light rail here on the Gold Coast, there could be enough new work to keep the coming months looking like a great time to buy. 

When you decide that retail or industrial leasing on the Gold Coast is the step you want to take, make sure to talk to us at Ray White Surfers Paradise. Our level of expertise is sure to see you right. 

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