6 ways to get more out of your commercial property maintenance

By Greg Bell

When you own a commercial property — either to house your own business or rent out to tenants on an ongoing basis — upkeep should be top of mind. Simply put, you want your building to look and work its best at all times, so that you or your tenants are getting the absolute most they can out of the property. Of course, that's not always easy, and you certainly can't account for every potential outcome.

But if you have a strong maintenance plan and work hard to get the most out of it, you'll be in a much better position to succeed — and to keep your property in top shape going forward. The following suggestions will certainly help on that front:

1) Look at the exterior first

How does your building look to passersby or visitors? If the exterior leaves something to be desired, it's possible that its inner workings aren't in brilliant shape either, according to the National Maintenance and Build Out Company. As such, you might want to get a better handle on fixing up the exterior so that you can confidently move inside afterward.

2) Keep your underlying systems in good shape

Making sure all of the things you often can't see — plumbing, duct work, electrical wiring, etc. — are in proper order is key to interior upkeep. Even small problems with these systems here and there can create major headaches for those who use them every day, so you need to be proactive about this.

3) Partner with reliable contractors

One thing you don't want to have happen is that you run into a problem and can't get it fixed for days or more. ABM noted that to stay out in front of this issue, you should work out partnerships with reliable experts who can come in to deal with any problem that may arise, offering prompt service and high-quality repair work.

4) Use the right supplies

Even when you're not relying on experts for your maintenance needs, you should make sure the people responsible for daily upkeep have everything that might be required to get the job done. Whether that's as simple as having plenty of cleaning supplies on hand or as complicated as a fully stocked toolbox that will let them fix whatever small issues need fixing, you have to give these people what they need.

5) Set a standard that fits your needs

When it comes to this kind of effort, you can't afford to have one employee or tenant do things "their way," then have another come in and do it differently, according to Building Maintenance Management. For that reason, you need to be proactive about setting a baseline standard for maintenance. Doing so will help ensure your property stays in the best shape possible for many years to come.

6) Take a holistic approach

Finally, you need to make sure every aspect of the property is properly cared for as often as is needed. For that reason, your standard should include everything from how to handle cracks or potholes in the parking lot to when the HVAC system needs to get regular maintenance, and everything in between. That way, there is no ambiguity about what to do next.

When you are looking to buy or sell a commercial property, it's vital that you have an expert by your side who can walk you through every step of the process. At Ray White Surfers Paradise, we've closed innumerable sales from both sides of the transaction, and can therefore provide you with all the advice you will need along the way. Contact us today to learn more about what can do for you.

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