4 tips for improving your workplace

By Greg Bell

This year, the average Australian in full-time employment will work about 2008 hours, assuming no annual leave is taken. With eight hours of sleep each night, this equates to just below 35 per cent of waking hours.

Given we're spending so much time working, it stands to reason that improving our workplaces is a concern for many people. Making meaningful changes to the work environment could help enhance or reimagine your company brand to improve recruitment, retention and performance. But what's the best way to go about making changes to your Gold Coast commercial rental property?

1. Incorporate wellness

Let your renovations have meaning. Take the time to understand wellness concepts so you can focus on improving the quality of life in your workplace. For more information about wellness, check out our recent blog post.

2. Ask your employees what matters to them

Painting your walls stimulating colours may sound great in theory, but in actuality it might not mesh with the workplace culture. Before you make any drastic changes, gauge your staff's opinions on areas of interest. For example, your staff may feel more strongly about the need for private meeting spaces than they do about bringing in a foosball table.

Getting your employees' input on renovations before they happen will ensure you're making the right changes, letting your staff feel heard and not creating unwanted distractions.

3. Get a professional involved

It's absolutely in the Aussie spirit to pull your dungarees on, throw down a tarp and get cracking on a ripper reno. This is perfectly suitable in your own home, but in a workplace you're much better off consulting with professionals to ensure changes will both look good and be executed cleanly.

You don't have to break the bank, but taking your ideas to an interior designer for a bit of feedback can ultimately save you money by reducing the risk of having to redo things later.

4. Work within your rights

Odds are you're occupying a workplace under a commercial lease. If this is the case, what you're able to do to the space is limited by what the landlord will allow. Once you've developed a plan, take it to your landlord or property manager for review.

Taking renovations to your landlord towards the end of your lease could work in your favour too, as you may be able to negotiate financial support from the landlord as incentive to continue the lease.

For more information about making the most of your commercial tenancy, take a look at our news hub.

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