4 qualities to look for in a commercial real estate agent

By Greg Bell

If you're just getting into the commercial real estate business for yourself, there's likely a lot you will need to know about the process. To get that guidance and information, you'll need a dedicated, experienced commercial real estate agent by your side. However, you may not realise just how important it is to find the right agent, or know how to figure out who will be best for you.

Look for the following qualities in an agent to ensure an easy, successful sales process:

1) A focus on the business side of real estate

There are many agents that specialise in residential real estate, many that are focused on commercial sales, and some that dabble in both. MCO says that it's important to find an agent who specialises in not just commercial real estate in general, but also has experience with sales involving the specific kind of property (restaurant spaces, industrial buildings, etc.) you're looking to buy.

2) A big network

Generally speaking, you want an agent who always has an ear to the ground when it comes to sales opportunities, and to find the most opportunities, you need a big network. When agents know a lot of people in their specific areas of focus, or the real estate industry at large, they can do more to help you find the right property for your needs.

3) Knowledge of the local market

As you might imagine, it's important that your agent knows the area where you're looking to buy like the back of their hand, according to Simply Commercial. Being able to identify up-and-coming neighbourhoods or which properties have seen multiple tenants struggle in recent years could help you find a great deal — or avoid a potential pitfall.

4) Easy to get in touch with

An agent's job is to help you get through the sales process easily and answer whatever questions you may have. That means you need to be able to contact them easily and expect a helpful reply in relatively short order.

At Ray White Surfers Paradise, our team of experienced professionals bring all these skills to the table — and more. Particularly if you're looking for a commercial real estate agent for the first time, we can guide you through every step of the sales process so that you always know what's going on and get a strong feel for your options, all so you can make the right choice in the end. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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