3 tips for practising mindfulness in the office

By Greg Bell

Everyone can benefit from a few minutes of mindfulness a day, and office workers are no exception. If you think you have no time to take care of yourself at your Gold Coast commercial property, you're wrong – here are our tips to practice mindfulness at work without it affecting your productivity.

What is mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness is being aware of what is happening not only around you, but being in tune with your body and what it may need from you. A mindful state shouldn't be one of anxiety or stress, rather focusing on the problems and tasks at hand, instead of past or future issues. Being mindful in the office can help you process work stresses, and give your body a brief recharge before settling back into tasks.

1. Eat the right snacks

If your job involves typing in front of a computer for hours on end, chances are you'll have a go-to selection of snacks to munch on while you work. When it comes to being mindful about your food choices, consider what your snacks do for your body. While it's important to choose foods for energy and nourishment, sweet treats are fine in moderation. Consuming foods you enjoy without guilt or self judgement is a big part of mindfulness.

2. Set a timer for a walk or a stretch

Just as your eyes need a break from staring at a computer screen all day, your legs need an escape from the computer chair too. Taking time to stretch your legs every now and then promotes blood flow to different parts of your body and gives you a zap of energy. This doesn't mean whipping out a yoga mat and launching into a sun salutation – a brief walk to the water cooler or bending over to touch your toes a few times is enough to help with muscle tension that comes with being bound to a chair all day.

3. Meditate between emails

A full inbox is stressful for everyone, let alone those dealing with important work emails. The authors behind Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, recommend meditating before and after pressing send on an email. They instruct workers to breathe in, and internally thank the power of the internet, and as they exhale, remind yourself that they're in control of their email actions. This is a great way to press pause before sending a potentially risky email and enable yourself to reflect on the words written – perhaps in a state of stress – in a more refreshed mindset.

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