3 things your self-storage business needs to compete

By Greg Bell

Self-storage is a well-performing industry in Australia, turning around $1 billion in revenue each year, according to an IBISWorld report. Rising demand from consumers, particularly those looking to relocate for a short period of time to work or study, is contributing to a solid annualised growth of 3.7 per cent.

It's not only consumers though – the rise of e-Commerce has increased demand for low-cost storage solutions for small online retailers who need space to store stock. With an expanding industry, what amenities should you be looking to add to your self-storage premises in order to compete?

1. State of the art security

Security is a major concern in self-storage – both to protect stored assets and improve on-site safety.

Your premises should already feature a secure gate and CCTV to ensure all customers are monitored while accessing their storage units. Furthermore, sufficient exterior and interior lighting, and tamper-proof disc locks, should be functional at all times. More and more clients require access outside of business hours and it's important for them to feel safe navigating the property at night.

Picture a facility in which a client enters a pass-code which opens the gate and disables the alarm for only their own storage suite. From then, a lit path guides them to their unit while the remainder of the property remains dark to discourage straying off-path. This would help to both protect the client and reduce the risk of people entering areas they don't belong.

2. Niche appeal

Targeting a specific market through unique offerings can effectively complement your standard storage unit stock. Consider repurposing a section of your units to cater to the needs of your chosen market. This could mean installing climate control technology to appeal to small boutique food and beverage businesses, or even fitting out suites with luxury equipment for wine tastings.

Climate control is also an appealing feature for technology suppliers, as fluctuations in humidity can damage hardware or rust metals. Amenities like this can seem costly, but may also prove popular and allow you set premium rates.

3. App capabilities

People say there's an app for everything, but that may not be true for your storage facility. A Deloitte study shows that mobile payment solutions are on the rise in Australia, and 68 per cent of us are using our smart phone for business-related activities outside of work hours.

Connecting your facility to an app can help streamline payments and unit management. Surveillance streaming apps such as Arlo can also give your clients greater peace of mind, or allow commercial customers to get a quick visual estimate of their stock.

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