3 tech-savvy changes you can make to your commercial property

By Greg Bell

Are you looking for ways to make your commercial property stand out from the crowd? Creating a technology-based space can help to bring in new tenants or appeal to a wider audience. Your commercial property for lease on the Gold Coast could be in hot demand, but only if you install the right additions. These three could be your answer to consistent, reliable tenants:

1. Create a healthy space with technology

Businesses want their employees to be healthy. It turns into productivity which creates income – people can't earn money for a business if they're sick. Creating an environment that has good air quality and flow, water testing and high quality lighting including glare- and UV-proof windows promotes good health.

Sitting in a sweltering office, constantly shielding your eyes from the sun, sucking in stale air and drinking unfiltered water constantly can impact a person's mental wellbeing and how they feel about work. Employers take note of things like this, so make an effort to create a healthy working environment by using the latest water filters, light bulbs and air conditioners/dehumidifiers.

2. A connected environment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of all devices to the internet. Our laptops, phones and tablets are all currently internet-enabled, but some watches, fridges, televisions and alarm systems are as well. Eventually, virtually everything in an office space might be connected to the internet, so you should take steps to ensure it will all be supported.

Install high quality cables around your commercial space and create a central hub where everything can be connected. As the rollout of the high-speed broadband network (nbn) continues, you could attract more technology-based tenants to your commercial property by facilitating the best possible connection.

3. Reconfigurable workspaces

Not all businesses operate in the same way, and some will require different specifications to others. Don't limit the tenant type you attract by creating a static workspace. Construct a reconfigurable environment where the walls can be altered or new partitions or work stations can easily be installed.

According to a report from Representatives of the Commercial Building Industry in the US entitled 'High Performance Commercial Buildings: A Technology Roadmap', the ability to reconfigure a space based on individual requirements is an attractive feature in any work environment. Collaboration is the key for many modern workplaces, so allow that with a cleverly designed commercial space.

Attracting tenants to your commercial space on the Gold Coast could be difficult if you don't appeal to the modern employer. For more information about what makes a commercial property attractive, get in touch with Ray White Commercial Gold Coast today.

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