Justin is a hard working and passionate sales agent who always strives to serve clients to the best of his ability. With his driven work ethic within real estate, Justin has demonstrated streamlined growth in the industry. Starting off as Sales Associate to Scott Wells and Gregor Bell (Director), he has learnt from the best and produces excellent results for his clients.

Justin has a analytical approach to the property market and through his research, he is constantly learning and understanding where clients see value in each commercial property. This allows him to identify the parties that will be interested in each property, resulting in more attention by serious and qualified buyers.

We all know that real estate isn’t just about property but also about people and economics. Having studied economics and being a qualified electrician, Justin has an outstanding knowledge of both of these as he understands policies affecting the real estate market and has worked with many clients on hearing their ideas and making them a reality.

Having moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney several years ago, Justin is excited about the potential in Gold Coast commercial property for both investors and business owners. Justin has excellent communication, a professional attitude to his work and a strong attention to detail which assists in analysing the best way to serve his clients with each unique property.

Justin looks forward to working with you to get the results you desire.