Dennis Waight

Sales Associate to the Greg Bell team

Dennis is a dynamic and forward-thinking agent with a wealth of experience in the property industry. His journey has been marked by a passion for excellence, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to innovation. Dennis is an active and valued member of the Australian Property Institute, staying current on industry trends, fostering networks, and contributing to the continuous growth and evolution of the property sector.

Before his property career, Dennis was a professional rugby player in Japan, equipping him with a profound understanding of teamwork, strategy, and achieving the best results under pressure. His professional journey also includes serving as a Senior Research Analyst at Knight Frank and working with developers in the Moreton Bay Council on acquisitions in emerging growth areas.

Dennis holds a degree in Politics and International Relations, majoring in Public Policy, which gives him a deep awareness of local, state, and federal factors and how political policies, such as budgets, can impact the real estate climate. This background, combined with his high-level athletic experience and senior property analyst roles, positions Dennis as a well-rounded agent with a unique perspective on the market that sets him apart from other agents.